Missing teeth doesn’t mean saying goodbye to a confident smile.

At Wolff Dentistry in Queen Creek, AZ, we offer dentures to give you the functionality you need and the freedom you want. Our dentists currently provide complete and partial dentures, which are natural-looking products to replace all or just a few of your missing teeth.
  • Complete Dentures are given to patients when all of the natural teeth have been removed. They are placed immediately after the teeth have been removed and may require frequent adjustments during the first couple of months of use.
  • Partial Dentures consist of fake teeth attached to a removable acrylic (gum color) base or a metal frame that fits in between your natural teeth. They are a less-invasive option used to fill in where permanent teeth have been removed, but are easy to get used to and do an excellent job of restoring natural results and functionality.
With our help and the right dentures, a beautiful smile is within reach for you.

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